Machine Learning for Receipts BETA

Harness the power of advanced Machine Learning to extract key data from your receipts such as supplier name, issue date, gross and VAT totals. Manually keying receipts is a slow process, now you can reduce the time needed to maintain accurate and comprehensive expense records.

Seamless Integration

A receipt can be submitted for analysis from within the QuickFile Receipt Hub, the machine learning algorithm has been trained to recognise and extract key data points that are used as part of the receipt coding process, QuickFile will then automatically attempt to populate the form for your approval. Where an exact supplier match is not found QuickFile will learn from how you tag the receipt to determine which supplier should be picked in future based on the properties of the receipt.

Optimised for Mobile

Given that most receipt images are now captured from a mobile device they can be faded, crumpled up, or taken in suboptimal lighting conditions. Existing receipt solutions often target high quality scanned images and are not robust enough to handle such real-world conditions.

The QuickFile receipt analyser allows for a high degree of accuracy with sub-optimum image quality. You will also soon be able to submit your receipts for analysis directly from the QuickFile App.

Join the private beta

We are currently running a private beta group and seeking customers who manually process a high number of receipts as part of their workflow. If you would like to trial our new Machine Learning module you can request access to the Beta group using the code "ML0001", you will find the Beta request form in Help >> Additional Services >> QuickFile Beta Features.

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