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SumUp and QuickFile

SumUp offer a simple card payment solution for businesses of all sizes. SumUp includes user-friendly card readers and a mobile app where you can track all your sales.

The set up process is quick and straightforward with competitive pricing, no hidden fees and no lengthy contracts.

SumUp card readers

Anywhere, Anytime

Whether connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, SumUp provide a range of chip and pin card readers for wherever you do business.
SumUp setup

Simple Setup

Enroll within minutes, execute immediate payments, and effortlessly oversee your account via your smartphone or tablet.
SumUp reporting

Detailed Reporting

Access detailed reports on your sales, revenue, processing fees and payouts using the SumUp mobile app or web interface.

Who SumUp is for

SumUp is designed for a wide range of businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, and various retail establishments. It caters to businesses looking to accept card payments from their customers in a convenient and efficient manner, without the need for complex setups or extensive technical knowledge.

Linking your SumUp account to QuickFile

We've built a comprehensive integration with SumUp allowing you to link your account and start accepting SumUp payments on your invoices immediately.

If you're new to QuickFile you can register a new account right here, once you've completed the online registration form we'll take you straight to where you need to be to link your SumUp account.


If you need any helping linking your SumUp account or using any of the supported features in QuickFile, you can find out more detailed information using the link below. Alternatively our support staff are always available to help out on our Community Forum