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QuickFile and PayPal

Paying invoices shouldn't be difficult for your clients; give them a secure and easy way to pay by linking your PayPal account with QuickFile. Having remained at the forefront of digital payments for more than 20 years, PayPal leverages technology to make financial transactions affordable, secure and convenient for both businesses and consumers.


PayPal is widely accepted as a payment method, so your clients are likely to already have an account with them or be familiar with how it works.

Instant access to funds

Instantly transfer money in your PayPal account to your bank account - no more waiting for payments to clear

Fraud protection

Help remove the risk from your payments so you can focus on your business. The PayPal platform comes with fraud protection built in

Stay on top of your accounting

Even if you process PayPal transactions outside of QuickFile, our data feed can pull in your transactions overnight ready for the next day. You can further streamline your accounting with auto-invoice creation, client matching, bank tagging rules and even account for PayPal fees automatically. QuickFile and PayPal can reduce the manual work required to keep your accounts up to date.

PayPal reporting

Linking your PayPal account to QuickFile

We've built a comprehensive integration with PayPal allowing you to link your account and start accepting PayPal payments on your invoices immediately. We'll also optionally pull in your new PayPal transactions every 24 hours with the direct PayPal feed.

If you're new to QuickFile you can register a new account right here, once you've completed the online registration form we'll take you straight to where you need to be to link your PayPal account.


If you need any helping linking your PayPal account or using any of the supported features in QuickFile, you can find out more detailed information using the link below. Alternatively our support staff are always available to help out on our Community Forum