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Open Banking | TSB

TSB offer 18 months free business banking for sole traders and limited companies. Once the free tariff expires TSB offer a number of fixed accounts ranging from £5 to £40 per month. TSB have a comprehensive network of branches stemming from the restructuring of Lloyds Bank, TSB customers also have access to approximately 11,500 Post Office branches.

TSB joined the Open Banking ecosystem in late 2019. QuickFile were one of the first third party providers to develop a direct feed for TSB business and retail customers through the Open Banking system.

Open Banking Features

24 hour transaction syncing
Manual refreshing
Current accounts
Savings accounts
Credit cards
View live beneficiaries
View live balances
View live product information

Getting Started

To setup a TSB Open Banking Feed, simply log into your QuickFile account and in the "Banking" menu select "Open Banking Feeds" then click the button and select your bank from the list.

Connect a bank
TSB Open Banking TSB

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Create a new account for your business and connect a TSB Open Banking Feed.