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Open Banking | Monzo

Monzo, founded in 2015 is a UK based challenger bank providing personal and business current accounts. Unlike a traditional bank Monzo has no physical branches and delivers their banking solution exclusively through a mobile app. The Monzo app provides a number of sophisticated features that allow you to effectively manage your finances.

  • Real time push notifications when you use your card or your balance is low
  • Categorise your expenditure and move surplus funds into virtual pots
  • Visualise your cash flow and see your account history on a graph or interactive map
  • Attach notes and receipts to your transactions
  • Slick account opening procedure

There are setup or transaction fees when using a Monzo account within the UK, this includes free ATM withdrawals. Overseas transactions are also free of charge providing you stay within the daily withdrawal limit of £200, after which you’ll be charged 3% for withdrawals.

Open Banking Features

24 hour transaction syncing
Manual refreshing
Current accounts
Savings accounts
Credit cards
View live beneficiaries
View live balances
View live product information

Getting Started

To setup a Monzo Open Banking Feed, simply log into your QuickFile account and in the "Banking" menu select "Open Banking Feeds" then click the button and select your bank from the list.

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