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QuickFile and eBay

eBay Managed Payments allows merchants to offer a card payment solution to their customers within the eBay marketplace. Managed Payments is eBay's native payment solution which supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. EBay Managed Payments allows you to handle the full order, payment and dispatch process within your eBay dashboard. Payouts appear within one business day and can be transferred to your bank account within two days of order confirmation.

QuickFile allow you to connect to your eBay merchant account and will automatically import your daily sales and processing charges every 24 hours, overnight. You can opt to have each transaction itemised, or for larger accounts you can import the aggregate totals to simplify the reconciliation process.

Automated Feed

Automatically import your eBay sales and processing fees into QuickFile once every 24 hours. No need to manually export and import your transaction reports.

Auto Tagging

Setup your own auto tagging rules so that new eBay sales and transaction processing fees are automatically reconciled.

Bulk Reporting

For eBay accounts with higher transaction volumes, sales for each day can be calculated and posted to a single aggregate invoice.
Find out more about eBay Managed Payments here. Need help linking your eBay account to QuickFile? Click here to get started.